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Who am I...

About Henry Petri

Henry is the founder of Computer Task Force and a Technical Business Administrator.

He designs modern & successful WordPress websites at the highest level with many visitors.

His services range from the new creation and revision to the maintenance and updating of websites.



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Our Core Values...

A Computer Task Force - is what a world that is constantly online needs!

What We use...

Webdesign Software


How a project works...

My Webdesign workflow

I like to divide Webdesign projects into 3 phases.

Frequently asked questions...


People often ask us the same questions. We have summarized the most frequent ones in this section.

Approximately 1 month. This mainly depends on the different requirements and revisions we have to go through to get a good result.

You! I don’t own anything from the website. I can give you full admin rights if you want. After you pay it is your property.

The only thing I want is to add the website to my portfolio.

I take between 1.500$ and 2.500$ for the websites. The final price depends on your needs, wishes and functionalities. I do not have to achieve a certain turnover per month and so I can offer prices below the industry average.

Yes! This is one of the points that sets me apart from other providers. Since I use the latest software, it is very easy to edit the text, images and other content on the pages. You can change almost everything if you want to. I can teach you additionally.

Yes, it can! With me there are no standard templates with content, but each element on the website can be customized.



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